Getting ready for business!

Hello AccountMate Business Partner community.  Bailey Enterprises is about to launch, offering you the MKT suite of products.  Yes, coming soon, right here you’ll be able to find out what is new and exciting with the MKT products.  But first, who is Bailey Enterprises?  Great question!  We are a family business run by Bill Bailey and his eldest son Levi Bailey.  This is the first step of a vision Bill has had for the Bailey family and specifically his sons to own and operate their own businesses.  Creating opportunity not only for themselves, but for the endless students graduating college each year.  A ready workforce looking for employment.

The MKT products: MKT Tools, MKT Setup & the MKT Credit Card are what we will offer to the AccountMate Business Partner community.  Coming soon we’ll outline all the particulars you need to sell and support these products you already know and trust.  We are thrilled to partner with you to bring added value to your customers!