What is the MKT Credit Card API?

MKT Credit Card API (Application Program Interface) is a COM multi-threaded DLL (Dynamic Link Library) that allows applications outside of AccountMate to process credit card activities that result in transactions within AccountMate.

The API can be used by any application that can consume and interact with a windows DLL. The application must be running in a windows environment that is supported by AccountMate.

Applications will use the API to process credit card transactions while processing AccountMate transactions.

As an example, when shipping a sales order in AccountMate, an external application, such as a warehouse management system, would first determine what is to be shipped, then prior to updating AccountMate, it would call the API to process the credit card transaction that would be paying for the shipped goods. The application then completes the shipment process, then calls the API again to have the credit card payment applied to the resulting Accounts Receivable Invoice.

Or when creating a sales order, when a website gathers information to create the order in AccountMate, it would call the API to save the credit card information with the order. The website may at the same time pre-authorize the order so that shipping can proceed.

WARNING: The version of the API “must” match the version of MKT Credit Card in AccountMate. If the versions do not match, MKT Credit Card Setup will be marked as incomplete and credit card processing will not be allowed.