MKT Credit Card Supported Versions & Gateways

The MKT Credit Card Program is available for the following version of AccountMate Software:

AccountMate Version 8.1 through 8.3 for SQL/Express

AccountMate Version 9.1 through 9.4 for SQL/Express

AccountMate Version 10.1 through 10.4 for SQL/Express

AccountMate Version 11.1 through 11.2 for SQL/Express

AccountMate Version 12.1 through 12.2 for SQL/Express

REPAY Payments: Our Preferred Provider, REPAY supports all major credit cards, Level 3 processing, Tokenization for greater PCI Compliance and the American Express OptBlue program bringing more savings.


As some may already know, American Payment Solutions (APS) was acquired by REPAY in 2019, and is now in the process of officially adopting the REPAY brand. Because of this, some of our linked content may still have APS branding. Not to worry though! Both Bailey Enterprises and REPAY are constantly updating, and homogeny will soon be restored once more!

Authorized.Net: The Authorized.Net Payment Gateway supports connections to most if not all the major credit card processors. Authorized.Net has certified each of their processor connections to achieve the highest level of transaction security available.

eProcessingNetwork: eProcessingNetwork is certified to process Retail Swiped, MOTO, ECI, AVS, CVV2/CVC/CID and many other transaction types. EPN’s systems are in
compliance with the latest PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). The solutions are designed to prevent card data compromises during electronic transacting processing.