MKT Credit Card Version 11.2 Release Notes

This document describes the changes that have been performed to MKT Credit Card Processing Add-on for each specific release.
Supported AccountMate Versions: Determine your AccountMate version before using the MKT Credit Card Processing Add-on.
Check our web site to get the latest information about supported versions and product updates.

The following AccountMate versions are supported by MKT Credit Card Processing:

• AccountMate SQL/Express Versions 8.1 through Version 8.03a SP3

• AccountMate SQL/Express Versions 9.1 through Version 9.4

• AccountMate SQL/Express Versions 10.1 through Version 10.4

• AccountMate SQL/Express Version 11.1 through Version 11.2

If you have a version that is not listed above, please do not use MKT Credit Card Processing Add-on against your company data and contact our Technical Support staff at or call us at 707-495-5704.

If you have any questions regarding the changes listed in this document please contact our Technical Support Department or 707-495-5704.