MKT Credit Card Release Notes

This document describes the changes that have been performed to MKT Credit Card Processing Add-on for the most recent release. For full historical release notes, please refer to the PDF version.

Determine your AccountMate version before using the MKT Credit Card Processing Add-on.

The following AccountMate versions are supported by MKT Credit Card Processing:

• AccountMate SQL/Express Versions 8.1 through Version 8.03a SP3

• AccountMate SQL/Express Versions 9.1 through Version 9.4

• AccountMate SQL/Express Versions 10.1 through Version 10.4

• AccountMate SQL/Express Version 11.1 through Version 11.2

• AccountMate SQL Version 12.1 through Version 12.3

WARNING: If you are writing into the MKT Credit Card data tables via an outside application there have been structure and other changes. Consult with support before implementing this version of MKT Credit Card.

Version 12.3 Build 1001 (10/26/2022)


• Added support for AccountMate SQL Version 12.3

Credit Card Transaction Log

• Updated the Credit Card Transaction Log to show the complete Process column information and to show more Card # digits for corporate and government cards.

Credit Card Processing Screen

• Fix: If the expiration date was not changed do not check to see if the Expiration Date of the Credit Card has expired when leaving the Expiration Date field.

Customer Maintenance

• Fix: If the expiration date was not changed do not check to see if the Expiration Date of the Credit Card has expired when leaving the Expiration Date field.

Credit Card Processing Setup

• Fix: If a processor has not be selected and the user clicks the Test button, the user will receive an error.

Update Credit Card Data with Provider

• Fix: If a Card # has a status of Delete – Local and that Card has a Pre-Authorization, the user is not given a message to indicate the card cannot be removed because of the Pre-Authorization. Also, the system should place the user on the grid row containing the Card # that could not be removed.
• Changed the system to use CSV as an import file instead of an Excel file. This allows the support of a system having more than 16,000 credit cards on file.
• Added an option to ignore credit cards that exist in the Cloud but don’t exist in MKT Credit Card. This is to allow the support of other systems such as web sites that handle their own credit card transactions.
• Added an update completion % when the user clicks the Save button


• Fix: Corrected some error messages that gave erroneous information
• Fix: Correct an issue when a Pre-Auth. fails the API would still write a record in to the Pre-Auth. table.

Updated File List for all AccountMate Versions


Updated File List for MKT CC API


NOTE: MKT Credit Card does not support installations using the Inventory Acceptance
feature in the AccountMate Sales Order Module.

If you have a version that is not listed above, please do not use MKT Credit Card Processing Add-on against your company data and contact our Technical Support staff at or call us at 707-495-5704.

If you have any questions regarding the changes listed in this document please contact our Technical Support Department or 707-495-5704.