MKT Credit Card Release Notes

This document describes the changes that have been performed to MKT Credit Card Processing Add-on for the most recent release. For full historical release notes, please refer to the PDF version.

Determine your AccountMate version before using the MKT Credit Card Processing Add-on.

The following AccountMate versions are supported by MKT Credit Card Processing:

• AccountMate SQL/Express Versions 8.1 through Version 8.03a SP3

• AccountMate SQL/Express Versions 9.1 through Version 9.4

• AccountMate SQL/Express Versions 10.1 through Version 10.4

• AccountMate SQL/Express Version 11.1 through Version 11.2

• AccountMate SQL Version 12.1 through Version 12.2

WARNING: If you are writing into the MKT Credit Card data tables via an outside application there have been structure and other changes. Consult with support before implementing this version of MKT Credit Card.


• Added support for AccountMate SQL Version 12.1.SP1

• Added support for AccountMate SQL Version 12.2

• Fix: Version 12.1 would remove a data column no longer needed, but other coding
was still expecting that data column to exist, resulting in an error when you try to
post a credit card transaction.

Update Credit Card Data with Provider

• Fix: System does not properly process AMEX Card #’s imported from the
APS/REPAY Provider.

• Fix: System does not check for duplicate Vault ID’s.

Updated File List for all AccountMate Versions






Updated File List for MKT CC API



NOTE: MKT Credit Card does not support installations using the Inventory Acceptance
feature in the AccountMate Sales Order Module.

If you have a version that is not listed above, please do not use MKT Credit Card Processing Add-on against your company data and contact our Technical Support staff at or call us at 707-495-5704.

If you have any questions regarding the changes listed in this document please contact our Technical Support Department or 707-495-5704.