MKT Credit Card

Now Shipping for AccountMate Version 11.2!

MKT Credit Card processing provides the ability to process credit card transactions directly through AccountMate Software.  Credit Card transactions are processed over a secure internet connection from each workstation and do not require any additional equipment or central server software to operate.

 Now with LEVEL 3 Processing!

All credit card activity is encrypted and recorded in a transaction log that includes very detailed information about the user that processed the transaction.  The Add-on also provides additional AccountMate Extended Security options to control which users can process credit card transactions.

Price: $3,000.00 + 25% Annual Maintenance

Current maintenance plans include version and build upgrades and unlimited technical support!

Development consulting and implementation services are available for purchase.

MKT Credit Card Optional Additions

MKT Credit Card API

MKT Credit Card API (Application Program Interface) is a COM multi-threaded DLL (Dynamic Link Library) that allows applications outside of AccountMate to process credit card activities that result in transactions within AccountMate.

Price: $2,000.00 + 25% Annual Maintenance


With this add on program to MKT Credit Card, users will be able to pre-authorize credit card funds for a sales order prior to shipping the order. The system can be set up so that sales orders are not allowed to be shipped if a pre-authorization has not been performed. This ensures that the customer has sufficient funds before the products are packaged and prepared for shipment or production is started.

Price: $500.00 + 25% Annual Maintenance

MKT Credit Card No Longer Supports AccountMate Version 7 & Lower!

We currently have a patch that is required for MKT Credit Card Version 11.2. Please download and install with any download of MKT Credit Card!

Any patches for MKT Credit Card will be included in the following version upgrade of the product

To install the patch: all users must be out of AccountMate.  Then extract the contents of the ZIP file into the COMMONFILES\Modifications folder.  After you install the changes into the COMMONFILES folder you must run the MCCSETUP.EXE Application.

MKT Credit Card No Longer Supports AccountMate Version 7 & Lower!