Retail Pricing 

MKT Credit Card Processing                                                          $3000

MKT Credit Card Pre-Authorization*                                           $500

MKT Tools: Data & Programming Tool Plugin’s                         $300 per plugin

MKT Setup                                                                                          $2,500

  • Software Maintenance is mandatory at the time of purchase and is calculated at 25% of the current retail value of the products. The software maintenance provides version upgrades, build updates, and technical support during the active maintenance period. To view the Maintenance plans click here
  • All products are delivered via download from the products page.
  • Prices are subject to change without notification.

*MKT Credit Card Pre-Authorization is not a standalone product and cannot be purchased as such.  The MKT Credit Card Pre-Authorization requires the MKT Credit Card Application.

Important Notice: MKT Credit Card, MKT Tools & MKT Setup No Longer Support AccountMate Version 7 & Lower!

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