MKT Setup Features

MKT Setup is an invaluable resource for anyone that modifies AccountMate Software. MKT Setup is easy to use and allows for fast and professional implementation of your client or in house modifications. Simply enter the information in the appropriate MKT Setup tables, run MKT Setup from your AccountMate program directory; select the AccountMate companies to update and your changes are applied!

  • Add or Change Tables and Views in AccountMate Database Container
  • Create or Modify MS SQL Tables
  • Add Stored Procedures and Triggers to MS SQL Database
  • Add or Change Sorting, Filter and Customer Report Options on AccountMate Reports
  • Add or Change AccountMate Menu Options
  • Add or Change AccountMate Messages
  • Add or Change AcountMate Indexes
  • Add or Change AccountMate Lookup Search Orders and Browse Screens
  • Add or Change AccountMate Miscellaneous Lookup Codes
  • Add or Change AccountMate SQL Configuration & Information Files
  • Customize the MKT Setup to show your Company Logo and Information when loading the MKT Setup Program
  • Customize the MKT Setup Program name to represent your Company name (e.g. mysetup.exe)
  • Add a Splash of your Company Logo to the AccountMate Login Screen
  • Use MKT Setup in conjunction with Install Shield or Wyse Installation Programs to completely automate your modification installation process.
  • Supports AccountMate LAN Version 3x, 5x & 6x
  • Supports AccountMate SQL / Express Versions 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, and 9x.

Contact us to verify that MKT Setup is compatible with your version & build. Also works for vertical and custom applications.