Welcome to Bailey Enterprises!

The MKT Suite of products is exclusively developed for and sold through the AccountMate Software Business Partner community. Our goal is to make doing business easy, so that you can add value quickly!

With MKT Data Tools, Business Partners and End Users can quickly and easily change GL segment definitions and key values, combine key values, rebuild table indexes and verify AccountMate data integrity.

Now shipping MKT Tools and MKT Setup for AccountMate Version 13.1!

Our Products

MKT Setup

MKT Setup is an invaluable resource for anyone that modifies AccountMate Software. The program enables you to modify tables, views, menu options, indexes, lookup codes and much more!

MKT Tools

MKT Tools is an invaluable resource for AccountMate Business Partners and end users. MKT Tools provide a powerful and cost effective set of data functions and programming tools that enhance the value of AccountMate Software!

MKT Credit Card No Longer Supports AccountMate Version 7 & Lower!