MKT Tools

MKT Tools is an invaluable resource for AccountMate Business Partners and end users.   Available for AccountMate for LAN, AccountMate for Express & AccountMate for SQL.  MKT Tools provide a powerful and cost effective set of data functions and programming tools that enhance the value of AccountMate Software.

With MKT Data Tools, Business Partners and end users can quickly and easily change GL segment definitions and key values, combine key values, rebuild table indexes and verify AccountMate data integrity.  Programming Tools enable Business Partners and end users to compare screen forms, program files, AccountMate system tables, database containers, search multiple files, generate a database container, data dictionary listing, database container object listing and database container table / view structures listing.

Now Shipping for AcccountMate Version 11.2!

  • To review the MKT Tools Data Plugin Tool click here
  • To review the MKT Tools Programming Plugin Tools click here
  • To download and review the release notes click here prior to downloading the product.
  • To download MKT Tools click here


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