MKT Tools Release Notes

This document describes the changes that have been performed to MKT Tools for each specific release.
Supported AccountMate Versions
Determine your AccountMate version before using MKT Tools.

Check our web site to get the
latest information about supported versions and product updates.

The following AccountMate versions are supported by MKT Tools:
• AccountMate LAN Version 3.X
• AccountMate LAN Version 5.01 through Version 5.09
• AccountMate LAN Version 6 Builds LN601a through LN604a
• AccountMate LAN Version 7 Builds LN701a through LN704a
• AccountMate LAN Version 8 Builds LN801a through LN802a
• AccountMate SQL Version 4.X
• AccountMate SQL Version 5.Xa
• AccountMate SQL International Version 5.08i
• AccountMate SQL/MSDE Version 6.01a through Version 6.08a
• AccountMate SQL/Express Version 7.02a through Version 7.06a
• AccountMate SQL/Express Version 8.01a through Version 8.03a
• AccountMate SQL/Express Version 9.01a through Version 9.04a
• AccountMate SQL/Express Version 10.01a through Version 10.04a
• AccountMate SQL/Express Version 11.01a through Version 11.02a

If you have a version that is not listed above please do not use MKT Tools against your company data and contact our Technical Support staff at or call us at 707-495-5704.
If you have any questions regarding the changes listed in this document please contact our Technical Support Department or 707-495-5704.