MKT Tools Programming Plugin Features

Take the guesswork out of build and version upgrades. Use the programming functions of MKT Tools to report on changes with any Visual FoxPro screen form, program or database container or changes in any AccountMate system table. Use the Database Reports to get Data Dictionary Listings, Database Object Listings or Table Structures. Document your programming modifications with MKT Tools for both your in-house modifications and your customers!

  • Compare Screen Forms: Compare Visual FoxPro screen forms to determine changes made to the data environment, properties or method of any object with in the form or formset.
  • Compare Program Files: Compare Visual FoxPro program files (.PRG), text files (.TXT), header files (.H) or Microsoft SQL Server Scripts files (.SQL) to locate any changes made to the files.
  • Compare AccountMate System Tables: Compare AccountMate System Tables to locate any structural or data changes to the system tables.
  • Compare Database Containers: Compare Visual FoxPro Database containers to locate any changes to the database container or the table, views, relations or connections contained within it.
  • Search Multiple Files: Locate a string of text in any screen form, report form, label form, program, text, header or SQL Script file.
  • Database Container Data Dictionary Listing: Generate a data dictionary from the selected Visual FoxPro database container.
  • Database Container Object Listing: List all individual or a range of objects, tables, fields, views, relationships or connects from a Visual FoxPro database container. Great tool for finding all tables or views that use a specific field.
  • Database Container Table/Viewer Structure Listing: Generate a printed list of a table or views structure. Includes full details about the table or view and all fields and indexes associated with the table or view. Great tool for documenting data changes performed to a customer’s system.
  • Modular Customizable Design: MKT Tools uses Plug-in components so you only need to purchase those tools that best fit the customer’s environment and needs. MKT Tools uses convenient pull down menus and offers the ability to be loaded from within AccountMate. All data functions are customizable so any data modifications made to you or your customers AccountMate system can be recognized by MKT Tools. MKT Tools can be modified to provide your own key values to be changed or combined within AccountMate.